How to maintain the ideal testosterone count when you hit the 40’s?

The greatest struggle men face as they grow old is to halt their fat producing metabolism from plunging. One of the main causes as to why there’s a decrease in metabolism is because the body starts to produce more of the female hormone i.e. estrogen as compared to the key male reproductive hormone i.e. testosterone.

Research says that it is a major mid-life crisis for men because at that point in their life, their estrogen levels are higher than their wives (who have even experienced menopause by then). That results in bulkier men developing inflated breast matter. Hormones tend to develop at such a slow rate that men usually don’t take notice of how their body is changing, until its too late. You don’t realize when the fat on your stomach or any other body part becomes more prominent than ever. This leads to a greater production of estrogen in a man’s body. The higher the estrogen level, the harder it’ll be to be true to yourself.

Estrogen has many negative effects which men dread. It messes with your sexual drive, makes you depressed, fatigued and leads to hair loss as well. As the estrogen levels in your body increase, testosterone decreases. That is the sole reason why you need to make sure that your estrogen levels are low because a man needs the testosterone level to be high in order to perform well.

It also keeps your metabolism intact which helps you shed fat easily. Apart from burning fat, testosterone helps in body building, does not allow fat to accumulate, increases your attention span, boosts your energy levels, strengthens your bones and keeps your sexual drive pumped up.

So, when men grow old and lose their testosterone levels, they worry as to how they would be able to revamp them.

Let us enlighten you with three ways in which you can do that.

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  • Cut down on alcohol

Naturally, if you’re an alcoholic or enjoy the idea of booze and its buzz, you can never go cold turkey with it. You don’t have to, if you don’t want to. But make sure you don’t over do it either. There are all types of men around; those who don’t drink and then there are those who wouldn’t go home without a blackout. So, for the latter type of men, this act leads to high estrogen and low testosterone levels.

The components of alcohol come from natural resources, such as plants, which include phytoestrogens (estrogens in plants). They make your brain believe that your estrogen levels are high, hence adding fat. If you can’t control your urge to spend money on booze at a night out, then don’t take much cash, leave your cards at home as well. Incase, you run into trouble and need cash, keep a back individual who would help you out if you call them. Not only will you save money, but you’ll also be able to keep your estrogen low and testosterone high.

  • Eat wisely

Excess of anything is bad. Taking on from these words of wisdom, you also need to realize how overeating any type of edible, whether its protein, carbohydrates or fats, would halt the union of testosterone levels, as the nutritious substances wont have space to do so. It is extremely essential that you prepare the sufficient combination of vegetables, fruits, beef or chicken for the ideal production of testosterone in your body.

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  • Make composite exercises a part of your routine

You may be able to make a perfect meal plan and cut down on alcohol, but till when will you refrain? Not many individuals are able to make these things a part of their lives for long, till they fall back to square one. The ideal and most natural way to boost your testosterone levels is to work out! Working is not a task, but it is a lifestyle. The sooner you adopt it, the better it is for you. If you incorporate it in your life at an early stage, it will be easier for you to take it forward and you wouldn’t be facing low testosterone issues in the first place.

Indulge in exercises such as squats, bench press and deadlifts. With old age come a lot of health problems, so if you have any sort of injury, make sure you go easy with the weights, as heavy lifting would cause pain in joints. You also need to be aware of how to do these exercises, if your posture is wrong, you will pull the wrong muscles and injure yourself. You can prevent that by warming up before these exercises. Try doing hip and arm rings, sway your legs on either sides and flex them as well.